01. Into Trouble
02. (I Expected the Apocalypse) But I Found You
03. Jenny & Jeff
04. In It Not of It
05. Broken Bones
06. Almost Midnight
07. One Last Match
08. On the Run
09. Rumors and Lies
10. Still So Young (Always)


Tuesday, October 17, 2023
Smith's Olde Bar
Opening for Squawk and Desmond Jones


Bad Liars was founded in Atlanta, Ga in 2019 by Mike Nizinski (vocals, guitar), Jordi Castells (vocals, guitar) and Randy Lybbert (vocals, bass). Initially doing covers in Jordi's basement, the Bad Liars began writing and exclusively playing original music. Influenced by hard rock, alternative and punk rock, their sound is unapologetic distorted guitars that could very well be classified as "dad rock" in 2021. The subject matter in their lyrics ranges from bizarre encounters with neighbors, to the end of times, to redemption from oppressive belief structures.

Jordi Castells

Is the pseudonym for Dr. Mephisto Love (P.h.D.), who adopted this persona after being granted asylum and witness protection in the US while on the run from satanic drug cartels in his native Mexico. His prowess in the arts of psychomagic is only matched by his love for exotic game meats and mezcal. Jordi has been playing in punk rock bands, DIY-ing and badly lying since the late 1990s.

Mike Nizinski

Mike began playing guitar in the mid-90s and started writing shortly after. After moving to Atlanta in early 2000, he cut his teeth playing original songs at Eddie's Attic — a famed ATL open mic spot known for launching many song writing careers. Even with major influence ranging from hard rock bands like Guns n' Roses to more alternative acts like Blind Melon, Mike can't seem to escape his love of the pop punk rock from his youth.

Randy Lybbert

Growing up close to the 90's musical haven in the Pacific North West, Randy has an eclectic musical taste. Mixing humor with relatable life situations, Randy brings new ideas to his band mates. While mostly playing bass, Randy also dabbles in music production and can, if you beg him, play guitar.

"Dopest band in the EAV!"

—Lil Nas X

"These almost-middle-age guys can really rock, can't wait to drop a collab with them"

—Doja Cat

"The best band out of all the bands, a lot of people are saying so. Many people."

—That guy from Jenny and Jeff


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